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tuna breff

Lightsabre Zip Hoodie

Lightsabre Zip Hoodie

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Let The Haters Flow Passed You

Which color will you choose?

The deep black hoodie is soft enough for any dark lord. Lightning casting purple lightsabre wielder is tempting enough for anyone. A forest green color hoodie with matching lightsabre is glorious enough for all knights. Then there is the blue lightsabre on a dark navy hoodie.    

  • Relaxed fit
  • Full-zip closure and ribbed cuffs with a waistband
  • Unisex sizing
  • Comes with a YKK metal zipper
  • Split front pouch pocket for keeping your hands warm or holding stuff
  • Pockets are digitally printed on cotton, then hand-sewn onto the hoodies.
  • Free Shipping


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