The Recycled Bikini

The Recycled Bikini

What Do You Mean, "It's Recycled"?

This week we launched our first recycled bikini. As a wee bitty start-up, we're super stoked about it too. We just introduced a killer product and now it's time to tell you why this is an awesome bikini.

Oh Snap, Polyester!

Our bikinis are made out of rPET. What's rPET you ask? rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Yeah, I know. That's a mouthful. It's what it is that's important though.

The material, recycled polyethylene terephthalate, is made from recycled plastics like pop and water bottles. The material is woven into a fiber creating a polyester material. It's important when you think about this on a global scale. About 60% of the clothes in the world are made from polyester. Polyester became a thing for clothing back in the early 1950s. So it makes sense that manufacturers in 2021 are still using today.

The Rise of Plastics

Since the 1950s, plastics have been on the rise. It's no secret that they're filling our landfills and floating out into the ocean as pollution. Plastics, specifically PETs are highly desirable because they are cheap to make, durable, and do not break easily. This is exactly why plastics take forever to break down in landfills. It's also why we can find plastics from the 1970s on our beaches today in really good condition.

Enter The Bikini Stage Left

This is what made our Recycled Bikini a no-brainer for us. Did you know it takes 4,050 20oz bottles equals one cubic yard of rPET fabric? That's a lot of pop bottles! This also means that it saves space in landfills for things that will break down.

This is why we've created our rPET 'Save The Seas' bikini line. Each bikini is recycled from plastics that would end up on their way to the dump. It also means we're doing something good for the environment in a way. We hope you love the Bikinis as much as we do.  

Red is an ocean lover, scuba diver, and loves to create pop comic art. You'll usually find her in Neverwinter slaying dragons or scoping out Oregon rivers for a good swim spot. She's a big believer in fixing the planet, and in a past life, she traveled the world as an expatriated scientist. You can contact her at  You can find her clothing at tuna breff.

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