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Rash Guards... in the Winter?!

The Multisport Rash Guard

Rash guards (rashies) are functional for several sports from kickboxing to diving. Having worn plenty of name-brand rashies myself, there are things that I love about them and things that I don't. And I know you're going to say that's true of anything, and I'm not arguing that point. You're right. It is true of anything.

The Pros & Cons of Rashies

Let's start with the cons because I want to give you something to look forward to if you've never worn a rash guard.  

The seams are like saw blades.

If you've never ever worn a rash guard a minute of your life, all you need to know is that the seams can cut through prison bars. For real. 

The neckline can choke out the Rock.

Do you remember the scene in Ace Venture: When Nature Calls, the rhino 'birth' scene? Yeah, that about sums up getting into a rash guard usually. (PS - If the Rock ends up reading this, we love you!)

Outside of that, rashies are pretty awesome. You can have fun in the sun because they are UPF rated. They also help cut down on skin rashes (hence the name) from sand, wetsuits, and contact sports.

How Tuna Breff Rash Guards Are Different

Remember those two cons I was telling you about? Those were what inspired us to source our own rashie. In a previous blog, I told you about how our planet was important to us here at tuna breff. That's true. That's why all of our rash guards are dyed with a sublimation process.  

Our rash guards also don't saw their way through your body. That's because ours are made with interlocking flat seams. This reduces the 'feel' of the seam against your skin.

I can also attest that tuna breff rashies won't choke you out when you move. The collars are soft, folded cloth, that allows for more movement. 

Another nice touch is that our rash guards are thick. They don't instantly disintegrate from chlorine contact. The thickness also makes them really nice under thicker wetsuits. I also wear my rashie working out, especially in cooler weather, biking with a pack on.  

How To Wear A Rash Guard

For those of you that have never worn a rash guard in the past, there is a right way to wear them. A rashie is designed to be tight fitting. Don't worry, though. They are made with spandex and have a 4-way stretch.  

As your body moves, the rashie moves with you and doesn't ride up your body. You also need to make sure that the sleeves fit against your skin. If it's too baggy, you aren't going to be happy wearing them in any sport.

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