Our Planet Is Our Business

Our Planet Is Our Business

Mother Earth Is A Pretty Big Deal 

We all live here. There isn't a second planet we can skip over to just junk this one up. This is why we're very much focusing on being an environmentally friendly business. It's also why having a traditional model manufacturing business doesn't work for tuna breff.

Climate Change & Business Responsibilities  

What's happening with the climate is part of the reason we started tuna breff. In the Pacific Northwest, we've been experiencing drought for nearly 20 years. With drought comes fires. In 2020, massive fires like the Beechy Creek fire devastated parts of Oregon. That was one fire out of so many. And, the fires in 2020 were more the most destruction in the sum of the previous 20 years.  

Living through these events we've seen firsthand the magnitude of destruction. But, we've also seen the aftermath. High levels of pollution, and worse, severe destruction.

I can tell you that part of the problem is drought. With trees becoming so dry... wait. Some of you may not even know this, but how the Pacific Northwest gets its water from precipitation. Without a snowpack in the winter, and meltwaters, our rivers run dry. The more we go without, the more Nature turns destructive. This affects fish, forests, and humans. Now rivers and watersheds are in peril.    

Positive Business Model

This isn't a story about destruction. It is a story about chances and better business practices to make a difference. tuna breff is about those things. The ability to do something better, and the possibility of growing a tiny brand into a powerhouse.  

We've positioned tuna breff to do business a different way from the start. From the word go, we've taken steps to reduce the amount of waste that comes from manufacturing and distribution.  

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

On the backside, we've cut out warehousing for most of our products. This means that we aren't taking up floor space someplace and cutting creating a larger carbon footprint. This makes better businesses sense also since it was part of factoring in our start-up costs.

We also trimmed our manufacturing footprint on carbon, by producing only what we sell. This means that we reduce the square footage of manufacturing space, by having a smaller production model based exclusively on sales.  

Less Of A Drain On Your Wallet!

It also became clear when we were looking at our options, how we could make tuna breff cost-effective for our fan base. When we hit the ground recently, we saw positive feedback with our pricing. Especially since the base products we use are high-end and are durable for years. This means you're getting a long-lasting product, which is another plus for the environment.

We're just winding up. But, you know what? We'd love to hear from you. What's important about the environment to you?


Red is an ocean lover, scuba diver, and loves to create pop comic art. You'll usually find her in Neverwinter slaying dragons or scoping out Oregon rivers for a good swim spot. She's a big believer in fixing the planet, and in a past life, she traveled the world as an expatriated scientist. You can contact her at hello@tunabreff.com

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